Family Business Planning

Family-owned businesses are unique and require advisors with specific training in the myriad of special circumstances surrounding the family business.  This includes: succession planning, parent/child relationships, marriages and divorces, complicated financial relationships—as well as turf battles, shareholder control, compensation structures, and special governance issues. Without written and agreed upon governance in place, family relationships and the business itself is at risk. 

No one entering into a family business is fully prepared for the psychological impact of family and financial challenges the business will encounter. The issues of money and relationships with family cut a wide swath and have been doing so for ages.  This is best documented in the proverb: “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”

For RMI advisors, working with family businesses means grasping issues and working to formulate, design, implement, monitor and achieve the business’s and family’s short-and long-term financial goals. 

The family business planners at Resource Management, LLC. have earned the respected certificate in Family Business Advising and the certificate in Family Wealth Advising from the Family Firm Institute.