Expert Guidance by Trusted Advisors


At Resource Management, our passion is to make a meaningful impact on our clients lives by helping them navigate through an ever changing, complex world of family dynamics, investments, taxes, accounting, and economics.

The Process

RM has been and currently is a pioneer in wealth management and business planning services since its inception in 1974.  We work with closely-held businesses, professionals, and high net worth individuals and their families.  Once a client, we formulate, design, implement and monitor their specific short-and long-term financial goals to achieve successful results.  Our services are comprehensive, detailed, and personalized.


What We Offer You

  • Develop an investment strategy and asset allocation model that integrates all of your assets and is specific to your income and personal needs. After the strategy is identified, we implement the strategy, monitor performance to specific performance benchmarks, and make changes as appropriate.

  • We develop long-term financial goals, such as attaining economic independence from work, understand the benefits of investing, and the impact money has on your life.

  • Design strategies to transfer accumulated wealth and/or family businesses to the next generation with minimum family disruption or unnecessary complications.

  • Serve as an objective advisor that can assist in solving financial issues encountered throughout life.


We believe in simplicity.  Our financial analysis is comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and specific.  If it takes three advisors to explain the concept, the concept is not sound.  You should be able to articulate your financial needs and goals as well as the strategies used to achieve them.

Win-Win Situation

Unlike other registered investment advisors who charge for their services based upon a percentage fee on assets under management, most of RM clients are charged a global flat fee.  As a result, costs do not automatically increase every year as the portfolio grows.

Engaging with Resource Management results in a relationship of trust and objectivity that can be enjoyed for many years.  We are an affordable, personalized wealth management solution. This results in fees that are more cost effective and aligned with the client’s specific needs.